Third Chair, Esq.
Cheap suite at One Oxord Centre
Pittsburgh, Pa


A rewarding position that leverages our experience as associates in small and large firms, solo practitioners, and document review drones in order to provide the latest news and gossip to the underground legal community of Pittsburgh.


  • Sneaking out of document review jobs to argue summary judgment motions at lunch
  • Handing our bosses (that is, First and Second Chairs) notes during depositions, closings, and trials
  • Reading the personal and impersonal correspondence of millions and millions of office workers.


  • Strategies for running a solo practice on a shoestring
  • Is Pittsburgh the new India, and is being a source of cheap, outsourced labor good or bad for us?
  • Is it easier to find clients than to find a %$@ regular job around here?
  • As the Orie Turns: ins and outs of Pittsburgh’s most mind-bogglingly trashy corruption scandal
  • The inside scoop from lawyers all over Pittsburgh, from those toiling in the marbled halls of BigLaw to the ones in basement dungeons and former coal mines (I’m looking at you, $23/hour document review job listing “north” of Pittsburgh).