• Breaking news: midlevel associates with actual jobs in Pennsylvania are increasingly grateful for them, according to an American Lawyer poll. [Post-Gazette
  • Pennsylvania Superior Court causes mass hysteria by questioning whether Marcellus Shale counts as a mineral.  [Post-Gazette]
  • State prosecuters will make opening arguments in the “Computergate” state corruption trial involving six Republicans accused of using public technology resources for Republican campaigns.  [Tribune-Review]  I am sick of calling every scandal a “gate,” but at least this one involves stolen things and political campaigns and so it is a little less of a stretch.
  • Justice Scalia spoke at Duquesne University on Sunday, urging the school to maintain its “Catholic identity.”  [Tribune-Review]  The camera-shy Justice banned paparazzi from the event, but the school remains “grateful for any publicity.”  [BLT]