Like many of us, I love to complain about document review work but I often depend on it for a steady paycheck between other things. Things like sleeping all day and obsessively checking my telephone for job interviews and/or freelance work.  So it was with interest that I watched the price for a document review project in Pittsburgh (staffed by B3, a New York staffing company) escalate to $27 per hour for coders, $32 for team leads.  $27! We could be rich. (I’d love to hear from anyone on this project, by the way.)  Also:

  • It looks like Orrick is hiring document reviewers for the “global operations center” in Wheeling, WV.
  • Sally from Hudson says “national client” needs doc reviewers.  (This can’t be the $27 per hour one because the $27 per hour job required a PA license, whereas this one says a license from any state is fine.) 
  • Lumen Legal is looking for document reviewers for a job “North of Pittsburgh.” On the minus side: this job is probably the hard copy document review job in a mine in Butler County that they keep advertising. I don’t know about you, but I always thought of law school as my ticket OUT of the mines. On the plus side: it’s only 4 days per week!
  • ReviewLess is looking for “predictive” document reviewers. I think this is that agency that sends you a document review “test,” and I did not take the test or proceed any further with the recruiting process — but I’d love to hear from somebody who has. I think they are trying to figure out ways to expedite the document review process so machines can do it.