• Unemployment in Pittsburgh climbed from 7.4 % in July to 7.8% in August.  It is this bad all over the state.  [Post-Gazette] Good morning to you too.
  • On a positive note, law school applications are down dramatically: there’s an 18.7 % decline in students who registered for the LSAT this year from last year.  [Star-Tribune] via [Above the Law]
  • Computergate defendants throw former House Speaker Speaker John Perzel under the bus.  [Post Gazette]
  • Alameda County Bar Association’s Hispanic Attorneys Association, Lawyers Insurance Committee, and ACLU meet today.  [ACBA]
  • Above the Law weighs in on Justice Scalia’s speech at Duquesne University.  [Above the Law] Apparently, the good Justice urged the school to maintain single sex dorms. What better thing for a Supreme Court justice to discuss with students about to graduate into a disintegrating economy amid all sorts of controversy about civil liberties and the role of the judicial system in America?