• Remember when I said an out-of-state staffing company was paying Pennsylvania document review attorneys $27 per hour for a new project? (For those who are not legal day laborers, this is about $2-4 over the going rate around here.)  They are apparently looking for 25 more people.  It is 50 hours per week, with flexible hours.  Also included: “professionalism, dignity, and respect.” Nice! [Craigslist]
  • Document review jobs in Wheeling, WV (so, probably Orrick) for $23/hour. I hear that the working conditions are pretty reasonable, but it’s a bit of a trek from Pittsburgh.  [Craigslist]
  • Potential client alert! Someone who was robbed at gunpoint while working in a convenience store wonders if she has a case against her employers. She has posted a few times.  Sounds like it could be more fun than document review, and I hope her boss doesn’t read Craigslist. [Craigslist]