• Pennsylvania voters will reject the GOP’s plan to restructure the state’s Electoral College, according to a new poll.  [Post-Gazette]
  • As reported here yesterday, the state Supreme Court will not hear state Sen. Jane Orie’s appeal.  Sen. Jane Orie was charged with using her legislative staff and resources for campaign purposes and the case ended in mistrial in February.  In August, new charges were filed, the trial for which has been rescheduled until October.  Yesterday, the state Supreme Court rejected the senator’s argument that being retried on the first case constituted double jeopardy, and rejected her motion to stay or consolidate the pending case.  [Post-Gazette]
  • ACBA’s Bench Bar and History Promotion committee (which I may have to check out because it sounds like nerdy fun) meets today at noon.  [ACBA]
  • Cliff Tuttle weighs in on the UC Berkeley bake sale over at Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk.  For those who are not Bay Area expats, the controversy started when campus Republicans organized a protest in the form of a bake sale.  They tried to show the inequities of a proposed affirmative action policy in admissions that would give minority applicants extra “points” in the admission process by selling baked goods at lower prices to women and minorities and the highest prices to white men. Berkeley people freaked out. It is funny.  [Backtalk]
  • And finally, just because I love the Amish and I cannot lie, an article about how we can all learn from how the Amish handle their finances in good times and bad.  [Post-Gazette]