Via Contributing Editor Bumpits

Nothing better to get me out of pre-winter doldrums than more Orie drama.  What a mystery!!!!  So many things I want to know….  Who was logged in at the time the documents were “removed” from the Senate computer system?  Was Sister Jane or anyone associated with her logged in at the time?  If so, who?  Where was she at the time this all happened?  As reported in the article, it seems like someone went into the system a week or so after the mistrial and deleted the now-missing documents.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Are these the forged documents?  Drafts?  Did Sister Jane, or someone at her direction, attempt to destroy evidence of the forgeries?  If so, how could they be so foolish as to think they would get away with it? About as foolish as thinking you could get away with the forgeries.  As “a clearly irate” Judge Manning declared back in March: “Ray Charles could see that signature was doctored.”