And, no, I’m not talking about the “paralegal looking for work” that shows up every single day and probably says nothing good about the economy. I am talking about this one:

I have a De Novo appeal coming up in a local ordinance case. I’ve done all the research and formulated several pretrial and trial-based defenses that are solid and based both on procedure and statute. There is no reason I shouldn’t prevail–especially since I’m not guilty in the first place. However, I feel I cannot adequately argue before the court, and would like to work with an attorney–preferably a recent law school grad who can practice in PA, or a retiree with some extra time–who can represent me in this matter. I have done, and will continue to do whatever discovery/research/filings/trial prep necessary; all you have to do is show up and argue on my behalf (some guidance wouldn’t be bad, either).

I realize this is unconventional, and I’m willing to give you a release of liability, but I think it’s an excellent opportunity for a young attorney just starting out, or a well-seasoned attorney winding down his or her practice. It’s a straightforward case, and I could pay a small amount, but I’m otherwise on a fixed income because of a disability.

This isn’t a joke or BS–just a serious attempt at getting some legal help in exchange for great experience and minor compensation.


Perhaps I am just a cynic, but this sounds like either a nightmare or a recipe for a bad odd-couple comedy.