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  • West Penn Allegheny Health Systems’s antitrust lawsuit against UPMC and Highmark rages in on the district court.  West Penn alleges that UPMC and Highmark (which are now locked in their own battle to the death) colluded to fix health care prices in the area.  Last year, the district court dismissed the case. The appeals court reversed the dismissal and reinstated the case in district court. UPMC and Highmark appealed the appeals court’s decision to the Supreme Court, which denied cert yesterday. [Pittsburgh Business Times]
  • Also: Occupy Wall Street is coming to Pittsburgh. Will Radiohead pretend they are going to play here too?  [Pittsburgh Business Times] [Occupy Pittsburgh Facebook Page]
  • GOP aide testifies in Computergate. [Post-Gazette]  Side note: Are there any public officials who are not accused of forging documents or misusing government resources for their campaigns? Just checking.
  • Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk offers some free advice.  [Backtalk]