Perhaps this is John Grisham’s work, but it seems like a lot of movies, particularly if Morgan Freeman and/or Ashley Judd are involved, get their titles from legal doctrines. It’s a good strategy. Those old-timey English lawyers knew how to come up with an evocative catchphrase. Could Poe or anyone top “an abandoned and malignant heart?” Also, double jeopardy, collateral damage, reasonable doubt etc.

Anyway, in dull moments, I like to come up with new ones. (Caveat: For all I know John Grisham has beat me to the punch on all of these.)  Today I have:

  • Unjust Enrichment
  • Extreme and Outrageous Conduct (ok, that’s more of a Disney comedy)
  • Unclean Hands
  • The Abandoned and Malignant Heart (my Victorian supernatural legal romance novel)
  • Moral Turpitude (that one is too obvious, though)
  • Undue Burden
  • Malice Aforethought

I know I am missing some good ones…