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  • UPMC has posted a to-do list of items for Highmark to ensure a “smooth transition” when UPMC’s contract with Highmark runs out. It’s been an ugly dispute for a long time, but now it’s turned into an ugly dispute with a passive-aggressive ex-girlfriend.  [Highmark Patient Care Assurance] via [Post-Gazette]
  • New York Attorney General sues BNY Mellon for currency exchange fraud.  The complaint alleges that BNY made nearly $2 billion by offering the worst interbank currency exchange rates to customers including PNC.  [Pittsburgh Business Times]
  • Law school graduates, take note: President Obama asks Congress to make it easier for private debt collectors to call Americans who are delinquent on government debts, including federal student loans.  The proposed legislation would let debt collectors robo-call your cell phone if you are late with student loan payments. [Above the Law]
  • Brian Preski, longtime chief of staff for former Pennsylvania House Speaker John Perzel, entered a surprise guilty plea in the ongoing Computergate corruption trial.  He and two others were on trial for using government technology to illegally advance the campaigns of caucus Republicans.  Preski pled guilty to theft, conflict of interest, and conspiracy. I love a surprise guilty plea — it’s so Law and Order!  [Post-Gazette]