This is technically the terrifying Craigslist ad of yesterday, but it contains at least two days worth of terror.

LAC Group sees experienced part-time Loose-Leaf Filers on behalf of our client, a prestigious global law firm. Qualified candidates needed in Pittsburgh, PA.

Yes, that’s right, loose-leaf filers. This is (1) an actual job title and (2) some recruiting company is bothering to go after its percentage of the salary of someone with this job title.  The ad goes on to explain that the loose-leaf filer is responsible for putting the updates in various law treatises.  This job, “for a prestigious law firm,” requires a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of legal experience, along with excellent writing skills. 

Seriously, this is what the job market has come to? I’m surprised they don’t require a law degree and a position on law review.