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  • Allegheny County Bar Association released its rankings for judges on the November 8 ballot. It highly recommends David Wecht for superior court and Alex Bicket for common pleas.  It recommends Mike Marmo in common pleas.  [PG Early Returns]
  • The Post-Gazette’s Ipso Facto blog introduces The Anti-Antagonist, a weekly column on conflict resolution techniques that will teach us all to be nicer and more rational, finally. [PG Ipso Facto]
  • If you work downtown, note that a bunch of streets downtown and on the North Side will be closed while they film that new Tom Cruise movie.  Aren’t they contractually obligated to provide fake snow, explosions, motorcycle chases, and a Batmobile in exchange for that kind of inconvenience?  [Post-Gazette]
  • OccupyPittsburgh, a local outcrop of the movement occupying Wall Street, plans to demonstrate in Market Square starting at 10:00 a.m. on October 15.  While I share their inarticulate rage regarding corrupt banking and stuff like that, the meeting sounds like liberal arts waffling hell. But maybe I am just old.  [Post-Gazette]