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The Post-Gazette released a survey of the best places to work in Western Pennsylvania.  Of the more than 50 companies that made the grade, I only found three law firms. 

  • Edgar Snyder & Associates.  First of all, these people work for the most famous lawyer around, right?  This must give them a thrill. Employees also also laud the firm because “they allow you to have a life by not forcing you to work overtime.” That is nice because every time I see one of those “Text Edgar” commercials, I picture some first-year associate who has to sleep with the law firm cell phone every night and respond to all those texts.  [Edgar Snyder]
  • Dickie McCamey & Chilcote, PC. I was not familiar with this Pittsburgh-based firm, but I took an instant liking to them because the comments to the Post-Gazette, together with the firm history on their page, shows that they respect and value their administrative staff. Yay for lawyers who do not give us a bad reputation! [Dickie McCamey, scroll down for a touching tribute to the longtime receptionist]
  • Rothman Gordon, PC.  This is a boutique firm, which looks like it is has a specialty in closely-held and family businesses.  Employees praised managers who seemed interested in their personal growth and a corporate culture that was more friendly than regular law firms.  [Rothman Gordon]

None of the firms’ web sites said the firms were hiring attorneys, but maybe they will need to ramp up after all the business generated by the newspaper article.

Read the whole survey here.