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B3 is hiring yet ANOTHER 15 lawyers for the vaunted $27/hour Fortune 500 document review job that comes with dignity, respect, overtime, and so on.

Here’s my question: Is it now a giant auditorium packed to the gills with reviewers (like I hear these things go in the big cities), or do they just keep hiring, firing, and re-hiring for the same 30 positions?

Choice Counsel also posted something about wanting document reviewers and it must be for a different assignment because they say you can be licensed in any state, whereas the B3 assignment requires PA license, and they also are recruiting non-barred law school graduates.  I feel like if Craigslist is to be believed, every single unemployed lawyer in Pittsburgh with a Pennsylvania license is racking up the big bucks, dignity, and respect with B3, and Choice Counsel will wind up with the leftovers.

In any event, I invite anyone who knows about this B3 project to comment here or write to me at 3rdchair at gmail.com