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by S. Brass

I dropped off the face of the Earth this week — Hi, San Francisco and everywhere on Route 80 between here and there! — and I missed a lot of action around here in the meantime. Geez.

  • At long last, Occupy Pittsburgh and its jazz hands will camp out downtown starting Saturday. They have permits and everything.  Traffic will be affected. [Pittsburgh Business Times] [The Republic] [BusinessWeek]
  • Rankin District Judge Ross Cioppa was charged with soliciting sexual favors from two women in exchange for favorable court judgments. Allegheny County is not planning to systematically review Judge Cioppa’s decisions, but spurned defendants and others should contact the District Attorney’s office. [Tribune]
  • Our state capital is bankrupt. I’m too embarrassed to comment. [WSJ] But Cliff Tuttle breaks down the city’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing over at Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk.  He also notes that Harrisburg opted for bankruptcy representation from a local solo practitioner, rather than Cravath. Yay for the little guy! [Backtalk]
  • Robbery at gunpoint is a normal working condition for people who work at a state liquor store around here.  [Post Gazette]
  • I am sure I am missing a hundred important events. Fill me in!