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Occupy Pittsburgh is in its third day, and has distinguished itself from the disorganized masses by behaving with civility and by making an actual demand.  On Saturday, a diverse mix of protesters marched dowtown to protest corporate greed and a variety of other social ills.  It was apparently a well-groomed group.  Nancy Griffin told the Post-Gazette that she “wanted to add to the numbers so people know this is a genuine group, not a bunch of dirty hippies.” It was also well-organized and festive, with a published schedule the police treating the event “like a parade.”  [Post-Gazette]

On Monday, the movement continued bucking the trend by making a specific, local demand.  The protesters passed out flyers demanding that BNY Mellon pay back money it earned by allegedly overcharging public pension funds around the country.  The NY attorney general has sued BNY Mellon for defrauding clients foreign currency transactions, and the protestors are calling on local authorities to find out whether Western Pennsylvanian pensions were also defrauded.  BNY Mellon is fighting the lawsuit and has stated that the allegations are “flat-out wrong.  [WPXI]

[Occupy Pittsburgh]