As told by Bumpits, who is busy bathing in hand sanitizer.

Our intrepid reporter headed over to Occupy Pittsburgh at lunch, and two worlds collided.

Apparently, they did not know what to make of my extremely businesslike and polite colleague.  They have a media representative all the way from New York, but nobody has briefed them on interacting with the workers whose hearts and minds they are trying to win.

My colleague approached the only other person wearing business attire: a protestor in a (probably ironic) suit, who identified himself as a small businessman. She was ushered into the Media Tent, which was labeled with a hand-written cardboard sign.  A tent! Cardboard signs! Lawyers, even struggling lawyers, shy away from this type of thing. There was a sign designating the area as a drug-free zone, so that was some comfort.

She bravely entered and asked the media representative whether he had heard of Bank Transfer Day. He had not, even though they also wear the kind of funny V for Vendetta masks I’ve seen the protesters wear. He was like “Great idea, man!” and tried to get her to explain the concept on some hippy live webcast. She fled.

We hate corruption, greed, and unfair debit card fees over here at Third Chair, but we are not nearly hard core enough to hang with the occupiers.