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Remember how Occupy Pittsburgh has been calling for an investigation into BNY Mellon’s handling of pension funds in Pennsylvania? The Justice Department and the City and State of New York have sued BNY Mellon for alleged currency trading fraud, and Pittsburgh Occupiers want to know whether fraud has impacted Pennsylvanians as well.

Well, today’s Post-Gazette reports that it was actually a currency trader from the Pittsburgh office of BNY Mellon who tipped the Justice Department off to this alleged fraud. This Pittsburgh currency trader secretly provided information and documents to the Justice Department while working for BNY Mellon. Talk about Occupying Pittsburgh! I love moles and corporate spies.

The Occupiers have stepped up calls for an investigation of BNY Mellon’s Pennsylvania activities.  Yesterday, protesters marched to Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly’s office on Forbes Avenue to request an investigation into whether the commonwealth has a claim against BNY Mellon.  Ms. Kelly was working from her office in Harrisburg, but security guards allowed one protester into the office and advised her to have the Occupiers write a letter to Ms. Kelly.

Meanwhile, BNY Mellon issued a statement denying all wrongdoing but recognizing the protester’s rights to express themselves.

For a really good summary of the controversy, check out this article from an excellent local blog I just discovered, 2 Political Junkies.

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