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  • Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk asks: “Can a gas or oil lease be discharged in bankruptcy?” and goes on to explain how Marcellus Shale drilling is changing the way we look at oil and gas leases.  [Backtalk]
  • Speaking of which, Marcellus Shale deals totalled $3.6 billion last quarter.  [Business Times]
  • Overworked lawyers watch out! Corbett asks the legislature to ban texting while driving.  [Trib]
  • Pitt Law Professor John Burkoff on the importance of elections for intermediate court judges.  [Pitt]
  • The ACBA’s Young Lawyers’ Division announces a Skate-a-Thon to benefit Lawyers Against Hunger. An excuse to roller skate at a skating rink for charity — how fun is that? I am all over this.  [ACBA]