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  • The State Senate and the Governor have approved a school voucher plan.  The legislation is now headed to the House. “This is the most significant effort at educational reform in well over a decade,” said Sen. Jeffrey Piccola, R-Daupin, who co-sponsored the bill.  [Post Gazette]
  • Occupy Pittsburgh protesters went into PNC yesterday to try to open bank accounts at a corporate rate of 7.2 percent. PNC locked the doors and closed the police.  Natural humans get a rate of around 1 percent, according to City Paper’s Twitter stream. I actually think this is a pretty clever way to point out the disparity, and it reminds me of the UC Berkeley Republican bake sale (albeit from the other side of the political spectrum).  [Post Gazette]
  • Some experts speculate that mortgage standards should be loosened in order to boost the housing market.  Hmm.  [Tribune]
  • Thank you Cliff Tuttle for telling your readers about Third Chair’s ongoing pursuit of cheap ways for Pittsburgh’s up-and-coming lawyers to satisfy their CLEs.  [Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk]

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