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  • Post-Gazette endorses reelection of Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin; Superior Court Judges John T. Bender and Mary Jane Bowes; Commonwealth Judges Renee Cohn Jubilirer, Mary Hannah Leavitt, and Robin Simpson; and Allegheny County Common Pleas Judges David R. Cashman, Guido A. DeAngelis, Michael A. Della Vecchia, Kathleen A. Durkin, and Randal B. Todd.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Local credit unions see “slight increase in membership” in advance of November 5 Bank Transfer Day protest.  [Trib]
  • Alcoa representatives in Pittsburgh bribed a Middle Eastern aluminum company to buy materials from Alcoa, according to a federal lawsuit.  Alcoa denies any wrongdoing.  [Trib]
  • Cliff Tuttle begins a series of reviews of Carolyn Elefant’s Solo By Choice.  First up: what does it mean to be the “lawyer we always wanted to be,” and how can we put our everyday concerns aside and make sure this happens?  [Legal Backtalk]