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  • Troubling news: someone managed to get into private areas of the Allegheny County courthouse and steal “electronics and other items” from the district attorney’s office, a judge’s chambers, and other offices in the building.  Come on, security officers, get it together!  [Post-Gazette]
  • The U.S. Supreme Court will take up health care reform in March. The brave Justices have called for five and a half hours of oral argument. This will be an interesting election season, won’t it? [WSJ]
  • The State Senate approved a natural gas drilling bill includes an impact fee on drillers and would let the attorney general review local zoning rules.  [Post Gazette]
  • Penn State can’t use sovereign immunity to get around the iinevitable zillion-dollar civil lawsuit for letting Sandusky get away with child abuse.  [Legal Intelligencer]  Cliff Tuttle reminds us that the Penn State defendants are innocent until proven guilty.  [Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk]
  • East Washington’s police chief was fired. You might recall that he’s in jail for various corruption charges, and described himself to an informant as the best police chief money could buy.  [Trib]
  • In other faraway yet potentially scandalous news, FBI is searching the office of  Lackawanna court administrator Ron McKay as we speak. [Citizensvoice.com]