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Oh, geez.  This would be funny if the underlying subject matter weren’t so awful.  Above the Law reports that Jerry Sandusky’s new attorney, Joe Amendola, had a pretty dubious-sounding romantic relationship with a teenager whom he represented in her petition to be emancipated from her parents. They subsequently married. Seriously, out of all of all the attorneys in the world?

Apparently, Amendola was fine with Sandusky giving the widely-reported interview to NBC last night in which he admitted to “horseplay” in showers with kids.  [Trib]  Amendola told press that he had located the child whom a grad student saw in the shower with Sandusky, and that the child (well, he must be an adult by now) said that nothing bad had happened.  The AG said last week that authorities have not located the boy.  Amendola’s response to that: “Interesting, isn’t it?”  [Patriot]

One question that keeps coming up in the news coverage about Penn State is: why did the investigation take so long?  The Patriot News tries to answer that question in a special report here.

Meanwhile, a Second Mile executive had reported concerns about Sandusky and children to “a person in authority” in 2008.  Authorities are now investigating who at Second Mile knew what and when they knew it.  [Patriot]  I hate how everyone involved seemed to report what they knew to some vague “authority” and then call it a day … for years and years and years, while knowing full well that children were at risk.  One positive thing to come out of this tragedy is the momentum to change Pennsylvania’s anemic crime-reporting laws.  Today, crime victims rallied in Harrisburg in support of stronger legislation.  [Patriot News]