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That is, if you work for — or are — a small company or sole proprietor for whom health insurance has been too expensive.  Today, Highmark announced that it will offer a health insurance exchange program for small businesses with 99 or less employees.  This means that your boss — or you, Mr. or Ms. Small Business Owner — can offer a monthly health insurance allowance to employees, who use their allowance to shop for Highmark insurance. So, sort of like airline miles? Anyway, anything that makes health insurance more affordable for employers and employees is a good thing in my book.  I also like the idea of picking the insurance you want.  Members will be able to choose from seven health and two dental and vision insurance plans.

Right now, 49 percent of small employers don’t offer health insurance.  Health insurance exchanges are part of the healthcare reform package passed last year, but Highmark is getting in early.  It’s the first company in the state to do so.

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