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  • More trouble for BNY Mellon.  Former employees seek class certification for a federal lawsuit alleging that BNY Mellon administrators breached their fiduciary duties with regard to employee pensions by engaging in currency trading fraud.  They are represented by Brodsky & Smith.  [Post-Gazette]  You’ll recall that BNY’s currency trading is already the subject of an investigation with an exciting Pittsburgh whistleblower and several lawsuits.
  • Anti-Antagonist gives lawyers a much-needed reminder to stay human.  Being in touch with your feelings can help you relate to clients and ultimately resolve their disputes.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Highmark will hire 500 people in Pennsylvania to help administer its new federal Medicare contract.  [Trib]
  • State Senate approves a statewide Marcellus Shale drilling fee.  This conflicts with the version of the bill in the House, which lets counties approve an optional fee.  Let the games begin.  [Trib]  Legislators might want to consider a new poll that says most Pennsylvanians think the advantages to the industry outweigh the problems with it.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Politician calls for an investigation into conflict issues between the judge who let Sandusky out on bail and Second Mile.  [Patriot]  An Arizona man says that Penn State ignored his report of sexual abuse by a professor. Noooooo…..[Patriot]
  • Trib: The NHL needs a Sunshine Law.  [Trib]