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  • GOP is stoked that Republicans won 13 previously Democratic courthouses in the state, 9 of which were in Democratic counties. They issue a triumphant memo to that effect.  [Post-Gazette]
  • More problems for BNY Mellon.  A former employee was sentenced after embezzling more than $400,000 and spending it on drugs.  [Post-Gazette]  I am sure there are many employees at BNY Mellon who are neither drug fiend embezzlers nor secret currency fraud whistleblowers, but it’s starting to sound like a fairly entertaining place to work. Plus, a convenient tent village in the lawn for when you have to work late/protest inequality!
  • The case against Sandusky was reassigned to a Westmoreland County judge — with no connection to Sandusky, Second Mile, or Penn State.  [Administrative Office of the Courts.]  This is after it came out that the judge who let him out on bail had worked for Second Mile. Matt Mangino, who writes Cautionary Instruction for the Post Gazette’s Ipso Facto, will be on TV discussing developments in the Penn State case tonight.  [Ipso Facto]
  • White House shooting suspect was arrested in Indiana County.  He’ll appear in court in Pittsburgh today.  [Trib]
  • UPMC wants Highmark’s deal with West Allegheny Health System to be a matter of public record.  West Allegheny filed it under seal when it was dismissing Highmark from the antitrust litigation it filed against Highmark and UPMC.  [Trib]