• Is any of this morning’s legal news as important as the fact that Sidney Crosby is going to be back on the ice tonight? [Trib] No, it’s not.  I am so stoked that he’ll be back! In other news:
  • New York Times breaks the earth-shattering news that law schools don’t teach you how to be a lawyer.  On a related note, Slate proposes that we fix the economy by paying law students to drop out.
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Attorneys don’t need to hire experts in every DUI case involving prescription drugs.   [Post-Gazette]
  • Also in Pennsylvania Supreme Court news, a state agency has no expectation of attorney-client privilege from the state attorney general’s office.  As I understand this, the attorney general was actually in an adversarial relationship with the gaming agency in this case, so it does not seem like a surprise. [Post-Gazette]