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Do you know those document review ads that say “Another 30 attorneys needed for Fortune 500 company” and promise all this dignity and respect?  See, for example this one.

I was perusing the website for the Madison Avenue, NY staffing company that runs those ads, and came across this gem.

Our principals are among the pioneers of “onshoring” document reviews to low-cost locales in the United States, thereby achieving savings of 30% to 40%. This practice arose in response to the desire of some to outsource document review projects to India, where attorneys NOT ADMITTED IN THE UNITED STATES review the documents. By onshoring to cities such as Charlotte, NC or Pittsburgh, PA, the reviews can be done at a comparable price to that offered by Indian companies, but with one crucial distinction: the attorneys are admitted and in good standing in the United States.

So there you go.  I finally have an answer to my “Is Pittsburgh the new India?” question.