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* a kerfluffle is like a brouhaha, or a fuss, for those who like to mock my use of old-fashioned and funny sounding words.

1. Highmark v UPMC

  • “They’re both charities and they’re both non-profits,” sayeth Governor Corbett, “and something’s being lost in between.” I had no idea that Highmark was a nonprofit, actually; I learn something new every day.  In any event, the governor told the monthly Pennsylvania Press Club that he is looking at legislative solutions to the kerfluffle if the two parties can’t work something out themselves.  [Post-Gazette]
  • County Executive Onarato denies that he’s been offered a job at Highmark.  [Post-Gazette]

2. Ravenstahl v City Council

  • Some members of the City Council think the Christmas decorations outside the mayor’s office are grander than those gracing the City Council’s part of the building.  Also, City Council prepares to debate limits on taxpayer-funded political mail.  [PG Early Returns]