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  • The Legal Intelligencer put out its annual State of the Profession survey today — and no subscription is required! I have yet to digest the whole thing, but was particularly interested in the comparison between PA firm gross receipts/billable numbers with national average. We are doing marginally better than the national average and billing a few more hours than the national average. That’s all the number crunching I can do before coffee, but read the whole thing here.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Zealous advocate of the day: an attorney trying to get his client’s arson case put back in juvenile court by arguing that matches aren’t a deadly weapon.  He has a point, but I am speaking as someone who used to play with matches, so…[Trib]
  • Whoa! In a complete reversal from an earlier decision — and also from my under-caffeinated recollection of federal precedent — Pennsylvania Superior Court holds that communications between attorneys and their experts are NOT discoverable. This is a big deal and will make life much easier for people who hire experts.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Alumininum Bahrain changes its story about alleged Alcoa corruption that may or may not have happened in Pittsburgh. But they provided the media with the amended complaint before serving Alcoa, so Alcoa can’t comment.  [Trib]