The Legal Intelligencer reports on a Robert Denney Associates Inc. report on “what’s hot and what’s not” in the legal market.  I don’t know who this Denney character is, but I love those types of articles in fashion magazines so I read this with interest.

What’s hot right now, according to the report? Being poor and defensive.  Bankruptcy is hot, as is patent litigation and contract litigation.  Nobody can afford to retire, so associates are not getting as much legal work.  Also, corporations can’t afford big law firms, so mid-size firms are on the rize. 

The other kind of hotness is regulatory because of the current political climate.  For instance, health care law will be important.  Also, antitrust law and environmental regulatory law because they are always important with Democratic administrations.

Pittsburgh has lots of midsized firms and a lot of health care and energy providers. We are also cheap. Therefore, we are tres chic for the season, according to this survey.