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  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court will decide whether a suspect’s right of privacy is triggered when a police officer impersonates a suspect’s accomplice via text message communication.  [Post-Gazette]
  • As we discussed last week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court concluded that communications between an attorney and expert are not discoverable without good cause.  Courts brace themselves for a raft of ensuing discovery motions.  [Legal Intelligencer via Post-Gazette]
  • FTC and Facebook settle over privacy issues.  [Findlaw]
  • Residential mortgage foreclosures generate a ton of work for Pennsylvania firms representing the banks.  [Legal Intelligencer]  So far in Pittsburgh, I have seen a lot of advertisements for paralegals to do foreclosure work, but not so much for attorneys.
  • Speaking of which, GMAC pulls out of the home mortgage market in Massachussets after a lawsuit by the attorney general for unfair and deceptive mortgage lending.  [Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk]
  • Trib profiles the patent court in Pittsburgh, part of a a pilot program in the federal court to funnel patent cases to courts with expertise in them.  [Trib]  I hope this makes us a big destination forum for IP litigation.  Go Pittsburgh!