In a move that apparently surprises nobody, Dauphin County District Judge ruled yesterday that there was enough evidence for Penn State officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz to go to trial.  Each of them faces one count of perjury (for lying to the grand jury) and one count of failing to report the horrific allegations of child abuse by Gary Sandusky.  [Post-Gazette]

This came after Friday’s graphic testimony by Mike McQueary about telling Curley and Schultz, along with Joe Paterno, about walking in on Joe Sandusky assaulting a little boy in shower at Penn State.  Curley and Schultz both told the grand jury that they had never heard about the shower incident.  [Patriot]  Defense attorneys claim that McQueary’s testimony has been contradictory, and that all charges will unravel at trial when McQueary’s charges are contradicted.