Judge Manning has ruled that the attorney who represented Senator Jane Orie in her first corruption trial can represent her in her second one this February, according to the Trib

You might recall that this attorney, William Constopoulos, filed a weird affidavit with the court recently, swearing that the seemingly forged document he submitted to the court came to him that way.  While it looked a little like he was throwing her under the bus, apparently his client is happy with his work so far. 

And Constopolous says the affidavit doesn’t reflect a conflict of interest between him and his client.  “I won’t be testifying on behalf of anybody. I’ll be trying this case the same way I did the first stime,” Costopoulos explained to the Trib. “The stipulation was that the documents were presented (at trial) in the manner they were received. It’s not an acknowledge of wrongdoing on anyone’s part.”