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  • State legislators are “closely following” the charges against Janine Orie with an eye towards “action” against Justice Joan Orie Melvin if the allegations in the grand jury’s report are corroborated.  The report mentions Justice Orie Melvin’s name more than Janine’s and it alleges that Justice Orie Melvin knew about or directed illegal and unethical conduct.  [Trib]
  • Penn State rejects CNN’s public records request for a 1998 campus police report against Jerry Sandusky. Maybe along with shedding light on the state’s inadequate child abuse reporting laws, it will shed light on public access to information on taxpayer-funded schools.  Penn State’s assistant general counsel said that it did not have the same public records requirements as other schools because it because it is a “state-related school” and not a “state school.”  If there is any merit to her argument, then this loophole should be closed (that’s my opinion, not speaking for CNN).  [CNN]
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers are lobbying to raise state minimum car insurance coverage.  [Injurynet]
  • Police will be able to pull over 16 and 17 year olds for seatbelt violations starting on Christmas Eve.  The rest of us can only get charged with seatbelt violations if we are first pulled over for something else.  Still, just wear your seat belts, people.  [Patriot]
  • Happy Hanukkah! It starts at sundown tonight.  [Post-Gazette]