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Equality for All

The Pittsburgh Tribune reports that Jules Lobel a/k/a Mr. Constitution, V.P of the Center for Constitutional Rights, and author of, “Birthing a New Society: The Future of the Occupy Movement” appearing in the Dec. 6, 2011 issue of Counter-Punch (is bringing his big ol’ Constitutional brain to the fight.

Jules Lobel (or Professor Lobel for those of us who went to Pitt Law) is to constitutional law what Warren Buffet is to money. Some of his accomplishments include: advising the Nicaraguan andBurundigovernments on the development of its constitutions. So, let’s make this clear, the man has WRITTEN constitutions. While the rest of us struggle to understand the difference between rational basis review and strict scrutiny in our OWN constitution, this dude is out writing other countries constitutions.

I have to say I am really happy that Occupy Pittsburgh got representation that can not only stand up to BNY and Reed Smith but can probably take it to the woodshed and teach it a thing or two. I know I previously opined that it appeared the Occupiers were just trespassers but I have a feeling Professor Lobel is going to take us to school on that.

So brush up on your Con Law, Judge Ward—your opinion may wind up before the Supremes.