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For those not following Third Chair on Twitter, we got an email last night from Dave Gaborek over at Choice Counsel that he’s looking for document reviewers to start immediately on a project downtown during regular business hours.  You must be admitted to practice in some state.  No word on duration or hourly rate, and the job is not up on Craigslist yet.  If you’re interested, please email davidgaborek@choicecounsel.com.

In other news, Lawrence D. Brudy & Associates Inc. is hiring an attorney with three years’ experience to work on energy law matters.  I don’t know what it says about the substance of the work you’d be doing that the ad is captioned “Attorney/Paralegal.”  In any rate, this Lawrence D. Brudy fellow has four regular attorneys and one litigation attorney listed on the staff section of his website, along with a raft of paralegals and title examiners and one CPA.   Check out the ad here.