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  • Real estate attorneys advise residents horrified with their property tax assessments to file formal appeals.  [Post-Gazette] [Trib] I wonder whether the silver lining in all this will be work for solo practitioners? Of course, people can file these appeals without attorneys, but deadlines are tight, people are busy, and attorneys are more hardened to the process of dealing with bureaucrats. This writer has been asked to help with a few appeals already.
  • New documents in the Alcoa RICO case allege that Alcoa sold alumina to shell companies at inflated prices, and the shell companies turned around and sold the ensuing aluminum to Bahrain at even more inflated prices.  This case against Alcoa is pending in U.S. District Court here in Pittsburgh.  [WSJ]  Alcoa denies the allegations.  [Business Times]
  • Geisinger Health Systems announces that it will test prospective employees for tabacco use, which I suppose is about as constitutional as drug tests for employment — that is, I imagine it is totally constitutional.  But it sounds creepy to me anyway.  Will ask my constitutional scholar, Equality for All, to weigh in. [Patriot]
  • Fed says banks are lending to businesses again, and this has to be a good thing for those of us who want businesses to retain our legal services.  [Trib]