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Happy new year, counselors!

  • Who’s at work today? Many lawyers, I’d imagine, but not mail deliverers, bank tellers, or state liquor store workers.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Trib provides a roundup of new laws going into effect this year — most notably, the texting-while-driving ban. I mean, most notably for me.  There are also many other laws.  [Trib]
  • The Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Philadelphia ordinance against posting signs on city utility poles. [Legal Intelligencer via the Post-Gazette]
  • Superior Court affirms damage award to a lawyer representing the wife in a divorce case where the divorcing couple conspired to cheat him.  [Legal Intelligencer via the Post-Gazette]
  • Lawyers.com posts a discussion of when graduates can use the “undue hardship” exception to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.  [Lawyers.com]
  • One problem with the controversial property tax reassessments is that the county’s number crunchers excluded foreclosure and sheriff’s sales prices when calculating average value, and we all know that foreclosures are driving real estate prices down around here.  [Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk]