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…or at least, not yet.

At today’s hearing, Judge Wettick declined to hold County Executive Fitzgerald in contempt of court for holding a press release in which he told residents to throw away and ignore the 2012 property reassessment numbers.

However, he warned that Fitzgerald and other city officials must now follow his order or they will be held in contempt of court.  I see that Judge Wettick is trying to be the grown up here, but how can you show more contempt for a court order than by calling a press conference to tell everyone in the county that you will not be complying with the order?

In the meantime, Judge Wettick delayed his decision on whether to postpone using the new assessment numbers until 2013.  He will announce his decision on Thursday.

Read all about it in the Trib.

PS We can hear people yelling in the street, but can’t discern whether they are disgruntled property owners, Occupy Pittsburghers, or someone on strike again.  Does anyone know?