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With all the bad press swirling around Penn State, I regret to inform you that Penn State’s Dickinson students managed to attract the attention of Above the Law this afternoon.  And you never, never want to be featured on Above the Law.

Apparently, the law students were so raucous at their Barrister’s Ball that the hotel asked them not to return.  This is impressive. An informal poll around Third Chair HQ indicates that none of us went to our law school proms, but this correspondent has certainly attended some hard-drinking legal conferences at hotels and the hoteliers always welcomed us back (perhaps because we had actual jobs, but I digress). 

But the latest kerfluffle at Dickinson involves a law student who accidentally sent a message saying “you are queer” to the entire law school email list.  Above the Law posted the dean of the law school’s funny response in which he calls out the law students for being “punks.” 

You know, we cannot have lawyers out in the workforce who don’t know the difference between “reply” and “reply all.” Nor can the market handle drunken lawyers who can’t handle their liquor.  Come on, guys! Let’s resolve to keep Pennsylvania lawyers out of the news in 2012, except for mentions of huge law firm bonuses, massive hiring sprees, huge court victories, and such.