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  • Justice Joan Orie Melvin said she will not recuse herself from considering the appeal of the state’s controversial redistricting plan.  [Trib]  You can watch the arguments online here.
  • Grant Wilson, the Pittsburgher who blew the whistle on BNY Mellon’s currency trade fraud, could get up to 500 million in government whistleblowing reward money.  [Trib]
  • Burns White hired two baby associates and issued a press release about it.  Yay for entry-level hiring! [PR]
  • Remember B3, the staffing agency with the $30/hour document review assignment that promised to treat everyone with dignity and respect? It opened an office downtown on Fourth Street.  [Post-Gazette]
  • This weekend, the Post-Gazette reported that many Court of Common Pleas judges hire family members as staff — one judge even has his wife as a law clerk.  Cliff Tuttle weighs in on the phenomenon this morning.  [Legal Backtalk]