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  • Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia: former personnel director’s waiver of attorney-client privilege doesn’t count.  To me, it seems like the only question should be whether the personnel director was an authorized agent of the Archdiocese at the time of the waiver, but greater legal minds than mine are apparently debating the issue.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Speaking of evidentiary issues in ongoing child abuse cases, Joe Paterno’s grand jury testimony is inadmissible in the ongoing Jerry Sandusky case because he cannot be cross-examined by defense.  [Legal Backtalk]
  • A former Bill DeWeese aide testified yesterday that DeWeese’s publicly-paid staffers were expected to do campaign work.  The prosecution wrapped up its corruption case against the former Speaker of the House yesterday.  [Patriot] DeWeese shares a defense attorney — along with alleged management practices — with Senator Jane Orie.
  • GOP: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer violated judicial ethics by disclosing the Court’s redistricting decision to press before releasing it to the public.  [Philadelphia Inquirer]  Justices are undoubtedly sobbing into their pina coladas on the Puerto Rican beach over this kerfluffle.  [Patriot]