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  • Court issues “decorum order” for Sandusky hearing.  [Pa Courts]
  • Judge issues a new order to evict Occupy Pittsburgh.  A few holdouts rickroll the police.  [Trib]
  • PI lawyers take note: the fact that a driver was on his cell phone during an accident enough to warrant punitive damages.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • In other PI law/transubstantiation news the Third Circuit Court of Appeals finds that a box on the highway magically turned into a car for the purpose of triggering uninsured motorist coverage for the driver who hit the box.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • County recorders must record all deeds, even single documents containing multiple lease assignments.  This is apparently a big win for natural gas companies.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Mylan settled a suit with Idaho’s attorney general.  [Post-Gazette]