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It is like the brunch of news roundups.

  • Prosecutors want Judge Jeffrey Manning to bar Jane Orie’s defense from making “political” statements at her trial.  The judge enacted a similar ban last time around.  [Beaver County Times]
  • Jerry Sandusky’s attorneys seek discovery that would prove or disprove their theory that his accusers “colluded” at various points in the investigation. [CBS]  Meanwhile, prosecutors want Sandusky to stay inside his his house because of allegations that he has been watching kids at a nearby elementary school.  [CNN]
  • Pepper Hamilton hires a non-lawyer as its new CEO.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Yesterday, Governor Corbett proposed a budget that would reduce funding for indigent legal services by more than $200,000.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Whoever takes over the beleagered Allegheny public defender’s office will have his or her hands full.  And now it looks like that person may have no managerial experience. Eliot Howser, supposedly a top candidate for the position, has no experience with the office other than having been a summer intern there at some point.  Also, he owes back taxes in this county.  In short, the Post-Gazette does not seem to like this guy.  Fitzgerald has not confirmed Howser’s appointment, but says he’s being considered.   [Post-Gazette]