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  • Beloved editorialist Equality for All says the ACBA is going to have a meeting about forming a GLBT committee.  She says it will be at noon at the ACBA.  I don’t see it on the calendar, but I’m still drinking my first cup of coffee.  If you have questions, put them in the comments and I’ll make sure to pass them along to the powers that be. [ACBA]
  • Federal judge rejects GOP’s bid to use 2011 legislative districts, says we have to use the districts from 2001.  Campaign and donate accordingly, people.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Governor Corbett seems poised to sign a Marcellus Shale bill that splits the baby by implementing a statewide assessment on drilling that counties can opt to impose or not impose.  This link provides a really good rundown of the nuts and bolts.  [PA Indy]
  • Check out the Patriot’s analysis of Corbett’s “no-frills” budget.  My take is that I know times are tight, but we need to remember that a decline in education quality will have a lot of far-reaching effects — brain drain, real estate values, employment — that will be very hard to go back and fix even when times get better. And I like taking the bus to work.  Anyway. [Patriot]
  • Jerry Sandusky’s attorney requests a Centre County jury and a trial delay.  [Patriot]