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  • In case of first impression, a Franklin County trial judge held that there is no spousal privilege in criminal child abuse proceedings.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Google lost a bid to have Pepper Hamilton disqualified from representing a competitor.  Still, it can’t be good when your client is fighting with you like that, especially when your client is Google! [Bloomberg]
  • The Legal Intelligencer weighs the impact of the new Marcellus Shale legislation that the governor just signed.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Jurors will report to Mike Veon’s corruption trial this afternoon.  [Trib]  The judge outlawed twittering from the court room, and reporters are peeved.  [@BBumsted_Trib; @Roxburynews]
  • Pittsburgh native Ron Paul barely barely made the deadline to get on the ballot for our state primary.  Congressional and Presidential petitions were due yesterday; Assembly candidates have until Thursday.  [Patriot]
  • Gary Schultz joins Tim Curley in asking for charges to be dropped for lack of evicence.  [Patriot]
  • Does involuntary mediation ever work? Yes.  [Post-Gazette]