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  • Law firms struggle to raise revenue.  Your best bet: Hire literals with portable business, and focus on sectors like intellectual property and white collar crime that people will pay for even when money is tight.  [Legal Intelligencer]
  • Oh, this is kind of interesting.  So a judge decided that attorney-client privilege and attorney work product shielded a plaintiff from having to disclose part of his videotaped interview that had been edited out by his counsel.  I was initially perplexed by the notion that this weird interview was somehow admissible in court, but this is apparently all in the discovery/posturing stage, which makes more sense. [Legal Intelligencer]
  • The Post-Gazette and Mylan settled a lawsuit. Apparently, Mylan sued the newspaper after its stores prompted an FDA investigation.  Nice work, muckrakers! [Boston.com]
  • Happy Fat Tuesday! Here’s where you can buy King Cake and/or celebrate.  [Yahoo!]