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And: Would you want to?

Just Below The Law (funny name!) posts a blog entry on how to make $100,000 per year doing document review.  The short version: Move to California (where contract attorneys make $40 an hour) and work lots of overtime.

The article’s sole commenter makes a pretty good point: Why would you want to work 70 hours per week on document review, which will only help you get other document review jobs? I know that in my case, I like to do it now and then to even out my cashflow, but my theory is that eventually I will have enough clients not to have to do it anymore. Also: My eyes would fall out of my head if I reviewed documents for 70 hours per week.  Also: My experience is that you have to make $100,000 per year in California to have the quality of life you’d have in Pittsburgh for $50,000 per year.

Read the whole article here.  What are your thoughts?